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Car Importers in USA can easily import vehicles to USA

Importing a car of your dreams to USA can be complex and difficult especially when it is bought outside the USA. Car importers in USA face many challenges when importing vehicles such as meeting compliances and rules by EPA (Environment Protection Agency), NHTSA (The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), DOT (Department of Transportation) and finally customs clearance through US customs and Border Protection.

There’s one more step that car importers in USA have to go through is the Smog Check if you are importing a vehicle that runs on fuel such as Diesel or Petrol. For Electric cars you don’t need to go through Smog Check.

When importing a vehicle to USA you should go through the rules and regulations that are very specific related to emission, safety and bumper design. In most cases the first time car importers in USA find themselves overwhelmed going through these rules and trying to comply with them. In such cases a customs clearance agent in USA is the one you should get in touch with.

A licensed customs broker has the knowledge and license to get your cars through the US customs complying with all the required rules around emission, design and safety.

Steps that Car importers in USA have to go through for importing vehicles to USA:

Step 1) Get clearances from EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Meeting the strict rules around emission can be difficult based on the origin of your vehicle. The US has the toughest norms in the world when it comes to pollution and emissions from vehicles. The EPA has outlined all the guidelines for the car importers in USA.

Car importers have to fill out the Form  3250-1 with the detail related to the vehicle’s VIN, manufacturer date and other details.

Smog Check is also needed in case you are importing a vehicle that runs on fuel such as Petrol or Diesel and in case you are importing an electric vehicle then you are exempt from Smog Check.

Step 2) Get Clearances from NHTSA (The National Highway Traffic Administration) – When importing vehicle to USA you need to ensure that your vehicle or Car meets the federal motor vehicle safety standards.

For Car importers in USA that are importing vehicles from other countries except Canada need to fill out the Form for the safety standards declaration.  If you are importing vehicle to USA from other countries except Canada then check the FAQ section of NHTSA website can be very helpful.

Step 3) Get Customs Clearance from the US Customs and Border Protection – Not just car importers in USA but all importers consult with a customs clearance agent to import products and goods to USA because he or she has license and is authorized to act on your behalf when dealing with the Customs and Border Protection and other federal agencies.

A licensed customs broker in USA can be very helpful in getting your vehicles through the US customs on time without any penalties or delays. If you are importing a car to USA then going through these instructions on the US customs and border protection website can be very helpful to you.

I help car importers in USA everyday to get through customs and comply with rules and regulations around emissions and safety standards.  You can call me or fill out the Contact Us form and I’ll get back to you. Free Consultation is always available!

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