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USA based China Sourcing Agent

Sourcing Products from China can be a complicated task especially if you are new into the business. But an experienced USA based china sourcing agent can simplify the process for you and in a short span of time you will be selling your products in the USA market as well as online.

Working as a customs clearance agent for over 30 years in the USA, I have strong contacts with both small and large manufacturers and exporters in China from Consumer products suppliers to the apparel manufacturers to the electronics goods suppliers. I can guide you in the right direction when it comes to sourcing products from China and help you save your cash and time.

As a USA based china sourcing agent based in Maryland, I can help you cut time in finding the right source for getting your products either manufactured in China based on your designs or sourcing the generic products.

Advantages of Working with a USA based China Sourcing agent:

  • Strong Contacts with both small and large suppliers in China from Consumer products suppliers to Electronic goods suppliers.
  • Licensed customs broker for over 30 years so I can take care of all the customs clearance needs and documentation.
  • Free consultation about sourcing products from china
  • Working with Alibaba Suppliers for over 10 years so I can negotiate for the best prices
  • 12 Sourcing offices spread across China

Working with me you will be in the safe hands as I am based in Maryland, USA and you can reach me anytime over the phone or through email and clear all your doubts.

As a China Sourcing Agent I follow a step-by-step process for sourcing products :

Step 1) Free Consultation and information dissemination – Gathering requirements about your products that you are looking to source and providing you complete details related to your needs.

Step 2) Evaluation and Analysis of your Requirements – As a USA based china sourcing agent I will thoroughly work on your requirements and make a plan to shortlist the best suppliers that can provide the products of the highest quality at the best prices in china and provide you the complete details about the evaluation.

Step 3) Based on your input about the prices that suit you I will then contact the most suitable suppliers and negotiate with them for the best possible prices so that you can have better margins on your sales. I can also help you in procuring samples if you require before placing the order.

Step 4) once the supplier is chosen and the order is placed I will take care of the customs clearance and trucking needs so that your consignment reaches you on time without any delays.

Working with a USA based china sourcing agent your life becomes easier and you can focus on other aspects of your business such as marketing and sales.

Glenn L. LobasSourcing Products from China and a Licensed Customs Broker in Maryland, USA

Experience: Over 30 years of experience and a track record of working with both small and large USA and Canada based importers.

Call: +1-443-912-3111 or fill up the contact Us form and I shall get back to you.

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