What is a Customs Broker and Why do I need one?

A Customs Brokers is a professional who is formally trained in dealing with import regulations and procedures to help importers in simplifying the complex process of importing goods into the country from another country. A fully licensed US Customs Broker has thorough knowledge of customs regulations of the Homeland Security and other federal agencies, tariff schedules and about the latest amendments to the customs rules & regulations by the customs and other federal agencies.

A licensed customs broker has to pass the test conducted by the US Customs on the laws & regulations related to the entry of goods into the country. If the candidate successfully qualifies the test then he/she undergoes a comprehensive background check by US Customs. If all is ok then the candidate is licensed as a Customs Broker.

Almost every Licensed Customs Broker maintains relationship with their peers around the country that allows them to clear cargo through Customs for a client at any POE. This does not have any additional costs or burden on the client since the fee charged, are allocated to each broker on a shared basis.

It is always advantageous to hire a licensed customs broker as he/she can expedite the process of customs clearance across all POEs that are otherwise complex and can put you in trouble if proper documentation, duty paid or any other legal norms are not as per the US customs laws & regulations. A fully licensed broker takes care of all the documentation work for you and ensures that your goods reach you on time in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Often, customs brokers help you in getting refunds on the goods if you qualify depending on the nature of goods you have imported or that you are re-exporting.

What Services can I expect from Customs Trade & Logistics Trade LLC?

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Our Services Include:

  • Import – Export Customs Clearance Services
  • Non-Resident Importers
  • US Customs Drawbacks/Refunds
  • Duty/ Tax Rulings and Remissions
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Transportation Consulting
  • Certified Transportation of Dangerous Goods