Freight Shipping Services USA to Canada

We understand the value of your shipments and so we bring in our expertise

Best Freight Shipping Services from USA to CANADA

We understand the value of your shipments and so we bring in our expertise to help you solve the toughest customs clearance & product regulation challenge that are time consuming and complex and also provide you with the best freight shipping services from USA to Canada at affordable rates.

We are Licensed US Customs Broker and Freight Shipping Services Experts USA to Canada that help you move your business forward by providing unmatched customs clearance services such as:

Customs Clearance

We offer custom clearance at all US ports and offer very competitive LTL rates and insurance.

ISF Filing

It’s important procedure to get a good start on your shipment. As a mandatory procedure ISF 10+2 must be filed 72 hours prior to vessel departure to avoid possible holds & penalties. We file same-day and keep tabs on your shipment.

Duty Payment

There are several methods for paying duties to the customs. Frequent importers can be approved to pay on a monthly basis, and we help our clients to have the best option for paying duties and saving every single hard earned dollar.

Marine cargo insurance

Remote Relocation Filing

we can process entries at all US ports. When importing through various ports, you can rest assured that we will act as your exclusive US Customs Broker.

Freight Shipping Services

We can help you plan your shipment in an effective and efficient manner because of our deep association with industry leaders such as “Unishippers’. Our capabilities are endless – and we offer competitive rates for LTL shipments and insurance.

Take advantage our comprehensive freight shipping services and affordable rates.

Tariff classification, ruling requests and OGA advice

Assistance with protest filing and post-entry adjustments

Choose us for your Freight Shipping and customs clearance needs?

We provide services with a personal touch to every client whether you are frequent importer owning a large business or a small importer that imports goods just few times in a year.

We bring over 3 decades of experience in US customs brokerage and regulatory procedures that help our clients move products within the country and outside smoothly with complete piece of mind.

We a fully licensed US customs brokerage service provider and have association with industry leaders such as ‘Unshippers’ that enable us to provide you the most competitive LTL prices and insurance.

Transparent procedures, integrity and honesty are the core values of our business that helped us build long-term association with our clients.

We bring over 30 years of experience in Customs Clearance and Logistics consulting

This enables us to provide our clients with the full range of customs clearance services. Give us a try one time and you love us for our integrity and service!