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Customs Clearing Agent US can help you obtain a CBP bond with ease

Customs and Border Protection in short spelled as CBP of United States impose a customs bond on the import of goods that value above $2500. The CBP bond is basically a document used for importing goods into the United States. The bond is a way of ensuring that you have paid all the taxes, duties and fees that are owed to the federal government. The bond also pertains to other federal agencies requirements (such as firearms or food). An authorized customs clearing agent US can help you simplify the process to acquire the CBP bond.

As for every importer, it is not possible to gather all the required information about the customs bonds so, to simplify the process authorized customs clearing agent in the US are available for customs clearance. An importer to clear the goods through CBP can use a customs broker. Customs broker is an authorized person and is licensed by CBP. The customs broker accomplishes all the process from entries to paperwork and finally obtaining the CBP bond. An importer can rely completely on an authorized customs clearing agent in the US for a secure transaction. Although it is just an option for convenience and an importer is not bounded legally to hire a customs clearing agent for importing goods into the United States.

Working with an authorized customs clearing agent US helps you get all the clearances quickly

If an importer decides not to hire a customs Broker then it becomes important for the importer to have enough knowledge about all the policies and procedures of CBP. CBP’s policies are based mostly on the goods being imported. So, the importer should be well informed in advance about each of them to obtain the CBP bond without any obstruction.

First of all the importer needs to file entry-level documents with the port director of the place where the goods are coming in. This is the major step to make the entry of the shipment legal onto the port. Until the file of entry-level documents, the goods entry is not legal. The CBP then authorizes the delivery of merchandise and the estimated amount of duties are paid.

Without the customs clearing agent, the importer has to make all the arrangements for the examination and release of the merchandise. Besides CBP, the Importers are themselves accountable for approaching other relevant agencies for other license and permission. As for importing Food related items, the Food and Drug Administration must be approached.

There is a provision to obtain license and permission for different kinds of goods being imported. The certification or clearance required for doing business for imported goods depend on the State or local authorities. So, the importer should notify the particular authorities and obtain the permit, certification or any other license required.

As already stated that Custom Bond is must for the import of commodities that valued over $2500 hence, the importer should hold a single entry bond or continuous bond. If an importer is importing frequently or through different ports then it is recommended to get a continuous bond. The permission for the continuous bond is obtainable from the entry port where the goods are imported. In case the importer fails to file all the necessary paperwork or unsuccessful in following each CBP procedure, they may face extensive fines and there is a risk seizure of the goods.

At last, it can be concluded that it is not necessary to hire a customs clearing agent in the US but if the importers find themselves not educated enough to file the necessary documents and complete the required producers then it is better to hire one.

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