Customs Clearance Agent USA

Knowledge of import regulations and procedures to ship goods across the United States

Your Fully licensed Customs Clearance Agent USA

Knowledge of import regulations and procedures to ship goods across the United States is critical to smoothly running your business. The documentation work is complicated and not simple – by NAFTA. As an experience customs clearing agent we can help you in processing goods properly that are shipped from country other than Canada. Our service ensures that your shipments are expedited to reach its destination quickly without any delays and with the lowest applicable duties.

We not only help you with Customs Clearance as your fully licensed customs broker in USA but also help you to stay in compliance with the rules & regulations of other US federal agencies such as:

  • U.S. Department of Agriculture (fruits and vegetables)
  • U.S. Department of Transportation (automobiles, motorcycles and parts)
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (pesticides, motor vehicles)
  • Internal Revenue Service (liquor and cigarettes)
  • Federal Communications Commission (electronic appliances, computers, etc.

Our experience differentiates us from other customs clearance agents in the USA.

Duty Drawback

Many times when you ship goods outside the country that are duty-paid such as for the components in a large piece of equipment, you are entitled for a refund of some or all of the duty paid but you may not be aware about it. At Customs & Trade Logistics LLC we help our clients save money by facilitating the past claims processes to which they are entitled and ensure that all the new claims are processed promptly when they qualify for a refund.

Duty Deferral

Duty deferral is similar to duty drawback, but better for your business’s cash flow. When you are importing certain qualified goods which are to be re-exported, we can apply for a duty deferral authorization. This saves you from pre-paying duties, only to have to wait for the government to issue you duty drawback payments. As your partner in success Customs and Trade Logistics LLC is the customs clearance agent you are looking for.


In today’s fast-paced world, sometimes new goods don’t fit into a neat classification. Where there is a choice of categories, the discretion of the customs official can have a big impact on your duty-paid cost and your competitive position. We can reduce this risk by getting rulings before you cross the border with a shipment. If imported goods have had a higher-than-expected duty rate levied, we can appeal for a ruling by providing appropriate information to substantiate a lower rate. 

Customs Clearance Consulting

Our fully licensed customs clearance brokers & professionals offer an extensive range of services to help you minimize duty liabilities, maximize duty refunds, exemptions, & deferrals, and ensure compliance with Customs and federal agencies. We can also help you take greater advantage of NAFTA and other tariff preference programs and ensure that you are compliant in the new AMPS Customs regime. We are with you at every step in solving complex import and duty paperwork as you fully licensed customs broker in USA.

Give us a try one time and you love us for our integrity and service!